What is a Crohn's diet plan?

Tasty recipes that is safe to eat - crohn's diet


Banana Snack Cake with Frosting
Contains a recipe for both the cake and the frosting.
BBQ Cups
Another creative quickie meal.
Brittany's Crispy Onion Rings
This recipe sounds good, but be sure you can tolerate all the ingredients first.
Carob Brownie
Recipe for some sugary brownies made with carob.
Carob Cake with Carob Icing
Recipe for both cake and ice cream made with carob.
Carob Frosting
Some frosting made with carob for your cakes and cookies.
Chewy Carob Brownies
A different recipe for brownies made with carob.
Ensure Ice Cream
A creative use for this IBD staple.
Ensure Quiche
Another use for that IBD staple food, Ensure. This recipe also calls for onions and mayonnaise.
Erin's B-4 scope Orange Smoothie
To try this smoothie you'll need to be able to tolerate orange juice and sugar (don't drink this the night before your scope, only in the days preceeding!).
Isocal Eggnog
A new twist on an old favorite (contains rum).
Lactose Free Pumpkin Cookies
Mold these cookies into pumpkin or other fun shapes.
Lactose Free Pumpkin Pie
Thanksgiving favorite made with soy milk.
Lactose-Free Apple Cobbler
This dessert is easy to make.
Lactose-Free Apple Pie
Apple pie from scratch.
Lactose-Free Carob Cake Donuts
Bake donuts at home with carob.
Lactose-Free Cinnamon Rolls
This recipe sounds delicious, but takes some time to prepare.
Lactose-Free Gingersnap Cookies
Gingersnaps without the problems of lactose.
Lactose-Free Hot Pockets
A quick meal that contains no cow's milk.
Lactose-Free Lemon Meringue Pie
Learn to prepare this pie with no lactose.
Lactose-Free Peanut Butter Cookies
Cookies made with soy milk.
Lactose-Free Sugar Cookies
A lactose-free variety of these favorites.
Lactose-Free Swedish Brownies
Brownies made with soy margarine.
Mashed Potato and Meat Casserole
Sort of a Shepherd's pie in reverse.
Pumpkin Bread
A fall favorite.
Rachel's Parmesan Chicken
Chicken coated with bread crumbs and lactose-free parmesan cheese.
Ryan's Lactose-Free Cheesecake
The ingredients in this dish are all Crohn's friendly.

Soy Cheese and Macaroni
Homemade mac 'n cheese.




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